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Find a new lease on your finances with car leasing

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What does the landscape look like now?

In the last couple of years, the way we own our vehicles has changed dramatically. Buying a car outright used to be the only way of owning a vehicle and most households individually owned their cars. Nowadays, car subscription, car leasing and car finance are widely used as an alternative to purchasing a car outright.

Adapting to spending habits

Companies such as Afterpay and Hello Fresh offer their customers convenient, low-cost purchasing options with the flexibility of opting-out at any time. Car sharing brands have also come into the playing space. Ridesharing companies such as Car Next Door and GoGet make it easier than ever to access a car without purchasing it. In addition to this, we have seen mobile brands such as Aldi Mobile removing their locked-in contracts to adapt to the flexible shopping habits of their demographic.

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How has car ownership adapted?

In a study by Future Laboratory on Gen Z shopping behaviours, they found that flexibility first was one of the major contributors to why a customer would relate to a brand. [Gen Z] want to be able to turn on and off commitments in their life and this is paramount with it comes to their finances.1

This behaviour is shown in how we own our cars. Flexible options like rent-to-own, car finance and car leasing subscription-based models are now becoming as popular as purchasing a car outright. Gen Z seeks brands that connect with them on an emotional level, alleviating financial stress while being aesthetically tailored to their tastes.1

What will the landscape of car ownership look like in the next 5 years? Will rent-to-own car schemes and longterm car hire subscriptions be the norm in most households?

It’s certainly going to be an interesting landscape in the next couple of years and we’re excited to help bring this major shift in car ownership, helping Australians own a reliable, affordable and modern vehicle specifically tailored to their lifestyle and spending habits. Alpha Finance strives for financial wellness, not financial anxiety.


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