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Rent to own your wheels

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Life doesn’t always go according to plan. especially, bad credit. When you have bad credit, getting approved for traditional car finance is almost impossible. If you do get approved, you’re looking at mountains of interest that might make it harder to dig yourself out. This is where our rent to own program can help you.

Drivers start off with renting the car for a specified period. Once the lease is over, they then may have the option of returning or buying the car outright. 

How we help you

Getting a car through finance is a challenge, but a rental car is quick and easy to get. Alpha Advantage is a rent to own program designed to help consumers with bad credit rebuild their credit score with a rental car for a set period of time to help them qualify for a car lease, and later on, possibly own the car.

The program is flexible so that people who don’t want to commit to a car lease can still have a car to drive. That way, even when they change jobs or go overseas, they don’t have to pay a substantial amount like if they took out a car loan.

How does it work?

An important thing to remember about Alpha advantage is that the terms of your contract will all depend on your current income. You will only be approved for the vehicle your disposable income will allow.

  1. Apply online – fill in our pre-application online (which takes under 1 minute).
  2. Chat to our team – one of our sales specialists will be in contact to chat about what rent-to-own vehicles you’re after and take you through the process.
  3. Complete your application – fill in the remainder of your application (takes around 5-10 minutes). Submit your paperwork and our assessment team will look through your application.
  4. Head into a branch – If approved, find an Alpha Finance branch near you. Next, choose the car you want to rent out and pay the corresponding deposit. This upfront deposit covers the bond as well as one week’s rent.
  5. Test Drive – Once you signed the agreement, you can now use your vehicle to run your errands, go on road trips, and visit family. Enjoy the car and new-found freedom.
  6. Make payments for your rental on time – Don’t forget to make the payments for your rental. Pay the fees before the end of the first week to keep your record positive.

Before you apply for our rent to own program make it a point to pay off some of your debt beforehand. Doing so frees up some of your income, allowing you to get a bigger vehicle as needed. Saving money can be tricky, usually, it is the setting up on accounts and self-restraint that is the hardest part. We’ve got some great tips and practices to help you save for car finance.

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