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Your guide to residual amounts for car finance

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When selecting a vehicle for car finance it’s worth considering the residual amount at the end of your lease. This can be a major factor in what vehicle you feel comfortable in selecting, making sure you can keep up with the weekly payments but also if you think you can afford the residual value.

What is a residual amount?

A residual amount is a sum owed to the lender at the end of a lease term after all other payments have been made. This allows you to pay off the reminding value of the vehicle so you can own the car outright. This payment is usually any additional weeks left on your lease, any repairs, roadworthy certificate and any outstanding arrears.

Is there a difference between balloon and residual payments?

There’s a small difference in a balloon and residual payment. In regards to car finance, residual payments are a factor of the final estimated value of your vehicle accounting for depreciation considerations. Balloon payments related to car loans (not leases) where they are set as percentages or values not based on the value of the car.

What happens at the end of my lease agreement?

If you have been given the option of purchasing the vehicle at the end of your lease, congratulations! We will be in contact to give you more information about your purchasing options and will also give you some clarification over how much to pay for the residual value.

  • If you’re keeping your car – If you want to keep the vehicle you can just pay the residual payment and any other additional costs then the vehicle is yours.
  • If you’re after a new car – If you want to change vehicles we can look at the other options available to you and pay off the existing lease agreement.

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